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Small Business Growth in San Antonio

Everybody enjoys reading about a firm (particularly a well-known brand) that is bringing thousands of employment to our region, and we recognize that headlines capture people’s attention. However, once the television cameras have been turned off and the gigantic scissors have been returned to their proper places of storage, the real labor starts. Since 2017, …

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Media Drives Los Angeles’s Local Business

Los Angeles is strengthening its standing as a center for the tech sector.L.A. and Orange Counties rated ninth in CBRE Group Inc.’s 2021 “Scoring Tech Talent” study, moving eight positions from last year’s report. The survey assesses 50 North American locations on their tech talent based on a range of metrics, including graduation rates among …

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Chicago Projected Business Growth

An important regional economic indicator is the capacity of the metropolitan Chicago area to retain and grow existing firms. Businesses base their site selection selections on criteria such as consumer accessibility, personnel availability, infrastructure, and public policy. CMAP studied data on business movements, establishment launches, and establishment closures in order to gain a better understanding …

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